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Logan Regional Dialysis Center - Published in Health Care Design Magazine

Jess Bear was a design spotlight in Oct. 2011 for her inovative techniques in subconscious healing through color theory and symobology in the Idian Chakra for specified anatomy ailments.  The result for dilaysis patients?  Less anxiety, stress, and pain while a recieving needed procedures in a refreshing, high mountain desert-inspired health center.   Read more...

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2014 Northern Utah Spring Home Show Guest Speaker - "The Science of Good Design" 

Jess Bear was a keynote speaker at the Northern Utah Spring Home show in Feb. 2014.  Her presentation focused on the "why" of good design, exploring multi-cultural mathematics found in timeless design that span centuries, and then step-by-step "how" in applying these principles in selecting tile patterns, wall arrangements, and architecture.  Read more...
Imagine the satisfaction and relief you'll feel each time you walk into your perfect home: no undone house projects, matching and balanced furnishings, adequate storage, and perfect lighting.

Most Popular:  $149 at-home Design Consultation
Are you a do-it-youself-er and looking for some direction?  Have some ideas you want to bounce off a professional designer, but just need help with the budget?  Not too sure what your time or budget is, but definitely want to improve the home?  Then, this is just for you! 

It’s about 1 1/2 long and includes floorplans, design drawings and schematics, estimated budgets, furniture specifications, and a digital design board with links to all the above for easy shopping.   You pay after the service.
That’s it.  No hassle.  No heavy contracts.  And all you need to get started.
Like working with Jess and want more help?  Then we’ll negotiate a new contract for a percentage of the total budget or a fixed hourly wage.  Your home.  Your call.  Your way!
Call Jess to set up an appointment today: 435.890.0908

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Most popular article: Not-so-White Apartment

No option for painting?  Worried in by which color to selecte?  Loving the light of bright white walls?  
This one is for you:  The not-so-White Apartment. 

The first step in your design is to awknowledge "envelope" design, found in more...
“My only regret was that I didn’t hire her sooner.”-Aleece, Providence, Ut
“Jess has been a real pleasure to work with. We put in a new kitchen and great room and were really concerned about colors, lighting, style, tile work and creating a hearth. Jess listened to my ideas and guided me into creating a beautiful space that I love! A space that feels like home. She has an exceptional eye for color and knows how to create a balance between the latest trends and lasting style.” – Deborah G., Providence, Ut
“Informative first meeting; not rushed and competitive in price.” -Donna, Providence, Ut
“Jessica is amazing! My husband and I did not know what types of design we liked. She was able to teach us about different styles of design and mesh our style preferences together into something we both love and are comfortable with. She is also very conscientious about the budget and showed us places to shop within our budget and still get the look we wanted. She is also educated on the care and upkeep needed for individual items and can show you how to have minimal upkeep. She is a well educated interior designer, has great people skills, and is pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend her!!!”- Annie S., Logan, Utah